Sunday, January 27, 2013

Deep south mama and family are virginians!

Hello out there in cyberspace!
Well 2013 is here we have been in Virginia for about 6 months and I have to tell you it feels good to be in a home!Around Christmas I was busy making gifts and exploring crafts to experiment with!Here are a few things I plan on making this year;
  • My own diy canvas photo
  • rag dolls for a few very special people
  • sassy pillow case dresses for my due in may niece
  • make my kiddos quilts ASAP!
  • Room makeovers for $100 and under(no I havent forgotten)
  • Get that etsy store running!
I did finally get some tie shirts made and bonus I made my own applique shirts!I will post a tutorial with both how to's and what helped me!

oh on a family note;William loves his roto rooter job,I just started watching a girl little E's age and Baby L is a healthy baby boy who has brought so much joy too us!