Saturday, January 3, 2015

Bring in the new year!

I am a horrible blogger! running around non stop with 3 kids and a busy church and housework and blah,blah,blah.Sound Familiar?So it is 2015 and I have been telling my best friend for 3 years that I would start sharing the antics and shenanigans that go on in our home.Why?Because Betty Crocker is a lie, I love to craft, bake and cook culinary treats.But the truth is I'm a mom trying to get to teach my children values, love, and who Jesus is to us.There  are MANY days that my hair is a hot mess my fuse is short and I go to bed feeling a failure  because all I did was keep the kids playing nice.

We as mom's tend to be insanely critical on our selves, and as I tell my friend over and over being an awesome mom doesn't mean you did everything right today.It means we go to bed praying for strength to do better tomorrow.

So enough of the serious!This week my favorite story from our little in the middle, He has recently learned how to remove his diaper(yup you read correctly) Monday bright and early my sweet boy decided to remove his diaper and poop inside his footie sleeper.He doesn't bother to inform me but goes about his business.When I go to change his diaper I unzip him and when he is asked what happened he looks at me in utter shock and says"oh not!How did I get poop on myself!After finishing his bath and running about to turn my Scentsy warmers on I sat at nap time and had a good chuckle.

Did you have a moment like mine this week?
May the Lord Bless and keep you,
                                                      Deep South Mama

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Deep south mama and family are virginians!

Hello out there in cyberspace!
Well 2013 is here we have been in Virginia for about 6 months and I have to tell you it feels good to be in a home!Around Christmas I was busy making gifts and exploring crafts to experiment with!Here are a few things I plan on making this year;
  • My own diy canvas photo
  • rag dolls for a few very special people
  • sassy pillow case dresses for my due in may niece
  • make my kiddos quilts ASAP!
  • Room makeovers for $100 and under(no I havent forgotten)
  • Get that etsy store running!
I did finally get some tie shirts made and bonus I made my own applique shirts!I will post a tutorial with both how to's and what helped me!

oh on a family note;William loves his roto rooter job,I just started watching a girl little E's age and Baby L is a healthy baby boy who has brought so much joy too us!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Has it really been that long?!

Oh my stars family, friends and hopefully readers I haven't met yet;)!
I have yet to start that onesie project due to how busy I was with work and home life but now that I am a stay at home mom again I will be able to complete an outfit for my nephew and our son:-)!but up first I must post what I made for our newest niece and how excited I was to get the tutorial from!
I love a project I can start and finish in under an hour with ironing!It was so easy I cut another one out in this size and then one in a 2t for my little princess that are waiting to be finished up at nap time;-)

update on our home face lift(pictures to come) we are almost finished painting our main area's our bedroom has a new comforter from Ikea for only $40!And I just bought the material for my kid's nautical themed bedroom!
Well that's all for now have a wonderful and crafty day!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Wow...apparently I left the building!I just remembered my plans to blog my nephews onesie!well that will becoming this week along with my crafts for Easter!stay tuned I will post on Saturday :) God bless and may your resurrection weekend be wonderful,Anna

Monday, February 20, 2012

My juices are flowing:)

What's going on in this Mama's house?Recently I saw my nephew and it has got my wheels turning hence my post.I am going to attempt one of those onesie tie shirts kind of like these one from
for him because we will be traveling to my home state of virginia!So let's see how it goes one pregnant mama one toddler and my ever patient husband on a plane to see them:)

I will be posting this coming week to show you guys my triumph or failure:)

May Your week be crafty and your family healthy,
Deeap south mama

Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Ok so I'm checking in a wee bit early but I couldn't help myself!A coworker of mine asked me to make up a whole bunch of bows for her little diva so I thought I would share what I've finished so far.She wanted piggy tail sets so there are gerber daisy hair accessories and a few other awesome ideas I've been able to play with!

On a personal note Eva is now repeating everything!Yes family it has started your adorable niece/cousin repeats everything she can hear!Mommy and daddy think this is entertaining but also troublesome when those people in the super market drop something and use "Ugly words".I now understand the urge to grab people and say"My child is listening to your potty mouth!"or "You kiss your mother with those lips?!"

Well I better get off to laundry while Eva is still out!
From the heartland,

Monday, January 16, 2012

Deep south stuck in the heartland

Friend,Family & maybe a few new people!
I started up a new blog to keep me motivated and to share with you what we're up to in our little corner of the heartland.I decided that I am going to check in twice a month at least once for a post on DIY redecorating for each room in our house for a $100 or less!and another time on personal updates such as Eva's new accomplishments and whats new with the hubs and I.