Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Ok so I'm checking in a wee bit early but I couldn't help myself!A coworker of mine asked me to make up a whole bunch of bows for her little diva so I thought I would share what I've finished so far.She wanted piggy tail sets so there are gerber daisy hair accessories and a few other awesome ideas I've been able to play with!

On a personal note Eva is now repeating everything!Yes family it has started your adorable niece/cousin repeats everything she can hear!Mommy and daddy think this is entertaining but also troublesome when those people in the super market drop something and use "Ugly words".I now understand the urge to grab people and say"My child is listening to your potty mouth!"or "You kiss your mother with those lips?!"

Well I better get off to laundry while Eva is still out!
From the heartland,

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